"Noumina" is a play on two words: the Greek word Noumena, the plural of "Noumenon", which is the object of a purely intellectual intuition,
and the Latin word "numen", a guiding force or spirit, from which the English word "numinous", spiritual, is derived.

Star In The Sky

Words and Music: Norair-Hovig Sarkissian

At last we're leaving the earth,
Breaking free from our place of birth.
We'll try, for all that it's worth,
To find love where we fly.

I know now why I had to leave,
To find truth that I can believe,
Pure light that I must receive,
As I go flying high.

Out here there's no day and no night,
My heart just swells with delight.
I'm lost in an ocean of light
While stars go sailing by.

My world's no longer the same,
How pale seem fortune and fame!
How did I live with no aim
While stars glowed in our sky?

But now the truth is so clear
In the songs of the stars that I hear.
I feel my needs disappear
As starlight purges me.

I feel like I'm floating on air.
Let the world go on, I don't care.
I raise my voice in a prayer
And for once my soul breaks free.

I'm in the spirit's domain.
Pure love is free here to reign.
How did I ever complain
With stars shining on me?

And now I've learned my new fate.
Oh, yes, it was well worth the wait.
I know that now it's too late,
There's no way back for me.

For now I'm free like a song.
At last, I feel I belong.
I know I've waited too long
To be a star in the sky,
A new born star in the sky,
A shining star, a baby star,
I am a star in the sky.