"Noumina" is a play on two words: the Greek word Noumena, the plural of "Noumenon", which is the object of a purely intellectual intuition,
and the Latin word "numen", a guiding force or spirit, from which the English word "numinous", spiritual, is derived.


Words and Music: Norair-Hovig Sarkissian

Dawn is gonna find me
Halfway up to heaven,
Hanging from stars feet off the ground.
Birds are gonna catch me
Singing like an angel,
Dancing around and around.

Raise your radiant eyes,
High up to the skies,
Look away from where truth is bought and sold.
They have always said
You're getting ahead
Only if you fill your pockets with more gold.

Night was there before me,
Dark and cold as ever,
But I knew just how to carry on.
I turned up the fire
Burning deep inside me,
And kept myself warm until dawn.

In wonder I stood there and smiled,
Amazed at the world like a child,
At the flowers and trees, at the mountains and seas,
At the creatures that run in the wild.

Dawn has been revealed,
Nothing left concealed,
Light now shines on all mysteries of old.
Keep an open mind,
Who knows what you'll find?
Could there be a way to turn things into gold?

My soul is the colour of dawn,
The song in my heart still goes on.
With eyes closed I can see, truth is shining on me,
In the light I've discovered the key.

Make truth your desire,
Set your heart on fire,
In the cauldron where mysteries unfold.
Raise your spirit high,
Higher than the sky,
And you'll find that you've turned your heart into gold.